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Smith Sun Glasses - A Great Choice for Extreme Sports

Smith Optics Smith Optics, manufacturers of Smith sun glasses, is based in Sun Valley, Idaho.

It was founded in 1965 with the creation of the first-ever
Smith Sunglasses - Interchange Empire Slider:EMPC3NGH
Smith Interchange Empire Slider

goggle featuring a sealed thermal lens and breathable vent foam.

Doctor Bob Smith, Smith's founder and a practicing orthodontist, started by developing hand-made goggles at his kitchen table. His product innovation and focus on the market niche sparked demand, and production manufacturing began in the late 60's.

Smith Sunglasses - Interchange 01 Slider :SDPC3NBL
Interchange 01 Slider
Smith Sunglasses - Interchange Axis Rimless:ASPC3NBK
 Interchange Axis Rimless
Smith Sunglasses - Interchange Catalyst Slider:CSPCBRBS
Interchange Catalyst Slider
Smith Sunglasses - Interchange District II Slider:DSPCGBPK
Interchange District II Slider
Smith Sunglasses - Interchange Frontline:FLPC3WGM
Interchange Frontline
Smith Sunglasses - Interchange Mainline Slider:MLPCGPBK
Interchange Mainline Slider
Smith Sunglasses - Interchange Theory Rimless:THPC3SFL
Interchange Theory Rimless
Smith Sunglasses - Interchange Threshold Slider:TDPCBRBK
Interchange Threshold Slider
Smith Sunglasses - Interchange Toaster Slider:TSPC3FRB
Interchange Toaster Slider
Smith Sunglasses - Interchange Voodoo Slider :VOPC3NBK
Interchange Voodoo Slider
Smith Sunglasses - Lifestyle Director:DIPC3BTT
 Lifestyle Director
Smith Sunglasses - Lifestyle Escapade:ESPC3PBK
Lifestyle Escapade
Smith Sunglasses - Lifestyle Flyby Polarized:FBGL9BTT
Lifestyle Flyby Polarized
Smith Sunglasses - Lifestyle Southbound:SOGL9YBK
 Lifestyle Southbound
Smith Sunglasses - Lifestyle Stance:SCPC3PBK
Lifestyle Stance
Smith Sunglasses - Lifestyle T-Nine:TNGL9PBK
Lifestyle T-Nine
Smith Sunglasses - Lifestyle Vice:VCGL9NHN
Lifestyle Vice
Smith Sunglasses - Street Aviatrix:AVCRGNGGD
Street Aviatrix
Smith Sunglasses - Street Bauhaus:BATR3NDT
Street Bauhaus
Smith Sunglasses - Street Cartel :CRPC3NTT
Street Cartel
Smith Sunglasses - Street Cassius:CACR3NDT
Street Cassius
Smith Sunglasses - Street Folsom:FOPC3NTT
Street Smith Folsom Sun glasses
Smith Sunglasses - Street Maven :MVTR3NBS
Street Maven
Smith Sunglasses - Street Method:MEPC3NTT
Street Method
Smith Sunglasses - Street Syndicate:SYPC3NTT
Street Syndicate
Smith Anvil Sunglasses
Smith Anvil Sun glasses
no longer available
Smith Logo
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Smith also makes Action Optics sunglasses, specifically tailored for water-based sports.

Smith sun glasses have since gone on to set the standard for high performance eyewear and goggles. Some of Smith's notable innovations include the Fog-X anti-fog coating, Perforated Membrane Technology lens ventilation system, patented Turbo Constant Air Management system, patented regulator adjustable lens ventilation system, patented Roll Off's film advance system for motocross, patented Ocular Docking System prescription insert, and patented Slider series sunglasses, the most innovative interchangeable lens sunglass available.
Smith Slider Sunglasses

Smith Slider Sun glasses with Interchangeable Lenses
Smith Sunglasses - Interchange Toaster Slider:TSPC3USY
Smith Toaster Sun Glasses
Interchange Toaster Slider
Today, Smith eyewear has become synonymous with innovative, durable, top-quality products in the eyewear and goggle market. The company is also recognized for its individual and team sponsorship. Smith sun glasses and goggles are worn and endorsed by the top names in traditional and exteme sports such as biking, motocross, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, kayaking, skateboarding, and wakeboarding.

Smith sun glasses leverages the expertise of its world class endorsers in new product introductions, but also in product development and performance testing.

Smith Mainline Sunglasses
Smith Mainline Sun Glasses in Crystal Blue Platinum Mirror

Smith Sunglasses - Interchange Voodoo Slider :VOPC3NTN
Smith Voodoo Sun Glasses
Smith Techlite lenses are extremely lightweight. To achieve this desirable feature, Smith uses the highest quality borosilicate glass ground and polished to specs by precision machinery. Then each lens is chemically tempered in a nitrate bath for increased shatter resistance. In addition each lens features Tapered Lens Technology.

The result is a lens that has the highest optical clarity and scratch resistance of any lens material available. It's also significantly lighter than a standard glass lens.

Smith sun glasses  proprietary Tapered Lens Technology corrects the distortion inherent in lens curves by progressively tapering the lens toward the outer edge. The result: refraction correction; optical precision; and zero distortion.
Smith Sunglasses - Interchange District II Slider:DSPCGBPK
Smith District II Sunglasses

Smith polarized sunglasses employ a Horizontal Glare Reduction filter, reducing 99% of reflected glare. The end result enhanced visual acuity and reduced eye fatigue.

From Smith's distortion-free Tapered Lens Technology to the versatility of the Slider Series, with its patented, interchangeable lens system, its devotion to excellence, innovation and style has made Smith goggles and sunglasses the choice of action-sport athletes worldwide. Smith products represent authentic sports gear, researched and tested by a dedicated group of employees and athletes that live and breathe the lifestyle.
Smith Sunglasses - Lifestyle Southbound:SOGL9YBK
Smith Southbound Sun Glasses

All Smith sun glasses provide excellent eye coverage and long-lasting comfort for your extreme activities, or if it's just at the beach, behind the wheel, or an evening on the town.  A devotion to excellence, innovation and style is what has made Smith goggles and sunglasses the choice of action-sport athletes worldwide.

Smith sun glasses, including discount Smith sunglasses are available at the following sites:

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