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Serengeti sun glasses feature the world's most sophisticated optical technology.

Exceptional polarized driving sunglasses!

Serengeti EyewearSerengeti sun glasses are famous for their contemporary, sleek styling, but also fSerengeti Sun Glasses - Luke Perryor some of the most advanced lens technology in the world.  A patented Spectral Control System fine-tunes your vision, improving color and contrast, reducing eye fatigue, and providing a crisper, clearer image of the landscape.  

All styles provide premium UV protection and superior scratch resistance.  As you would expect with premium quality eyewear, Serengeti sun glasses are available in prescription. The frames are hand crafted from the finest materials.  

Serengeti's photochromatic lenses darken as surroundings brighten.  They also filter harmful, damaging blue light which can cause eye fatigue and hazy vision. Available in polarized models, they are ideal for driving.

Serengeti Sunglasses - Summit:5603
Serengeti Summit Sun Glasses 5603

Serengeti Sunglasses - Turro Polarized:6809
Serengeti Turro Sunglasses Polarized 6809
Val Kilmer in Serengeti Humberto SunglassesSerengeti Paseo Peta Wilson

Val Kilmer (Serengeti Humberto)
and Peta Wilson (Serengeti Paseo)
Serengeti Sunglasses - Aviator Medium:6887
Serengeti Aviator Sunglasses - medium 6887

Serengeti Sunglasses - Imola:6833

Serengeti Imola Sunglasses 6833

Serengeti sun glasses have captured the imagination and market with many popular, enduring styles - from the Andros, Aviator, Cirro, Imola, and Vedi - Serengeti sun glasses create a defining look.

Serengeti Sunglasses - Andros Polarized:6811
Andros Polarized 6811
Serengeti Sunglasses - Andros Polarized:6812
Andros Polarized 6812
Serengeti Sunglasses - Arabella :6801
 Arabella 6801
Serengeti Sunglasses - Arabella :6801
Arabella 6801
Serengeti Sunglasses - Arabella :S6801
Arabella S6801
Serengeti Sunglasses - Argosy Polarized:6795
Argosy Polarized 6795
Serengeti Sunglasses - Aviator Medium:5223
Aviator Medium 5223
Serengeti Sunglasses - Aviator Medium:6783
Aviator Medium 6783
Serengeti Sunglasses - Aviator Medium:6884
Aviator Medium 6884
Serengeti Sunglasses - Aviator Small:6827
Aviator Small 6827
Serengeti Sunglasses - Aviator Small:6889
Aviator Small 6889
Serengeti Sunglasses - Aviator Small:GG6784
Aviator Small GG6784
Serengeti Sunglasses - Bellini:6736
Bellini 6736
Serengeti Sunglasses - Betty:6636-OP
Betty 6636-OP
Serengeti Sunglasses - Bromo:6758
Bromo 6758
Serengeti Sunglasses - Cascade:6760
Cascade 6760
Serengeti Sunglasses - Cirro:6840
Cirro 6840
Serengeti Sunglasses - Cirro:S6840
Cirro S6840
Serengeti Sunglasses - Cirro:S6841
Cirro S6841
Serengeti Sunglasses - Condor:6674
Condor 6674
Serengeti Sunglasses - Condor:S6673
Condor S6673
Serengeti Sunglasses - Corsa:6873
Corsa 6873
Serengeti Sunglasses - Coupe:GG6777
Coupe GG6777
Serengeti Sunglasses - Da Vinci:6734
Da Vinci 6734
Serengeti Sunglasses - Da Vinci:6735
Da Vinci 6735
Serengeti Sunglasses - Da Vinci:GG6734
Da Vinci GG6734
Serengeti Sunglasses - Donatello:S6738
Donatello S6738
Serengeti Sunglasses - Eagle :S6495
Eagle S6495
Serengeti Sunglasses - Endeavor:S6474
Endeavor S6474
Serengeti Sunglasses - Georgetown 2.0:6776
Georgetown 2.0 6776
Serengeti Sunglasses - Georgetown 2.0:SGG6537
Georgetown 2.0 SGG6537
Serengeti Sunglasses - Humberto:GG6860
Humberto GG6860
Serengeti Sunglasses - Hurikanu:6535
Hurikanu 6535
Serengeti Sunglasses - Hurikanu:6669
Hurikanu 6669
Serengeti Sunglasses - Iliad Polarized:6794
Iliad Polarized 6794
Serengeti Sunglasses - Imola:6832
Imola 6832
Serengeti Sunglasses - Intrepid:S6430
Intrepid S6430
Serengeti Sunglasses - Kiska:S6771
 Kiska S6771
Serengeti Sunglasses - Lassen Titanium:GG6699
Lassen Titanium GG6699
Serengeti Sunglasses - Lucca Polarized:6815
Lucca Polarized 6815
Serengeti Sunglasses - Mariah:S6468
Mariah S6468
Serengeti Sunglasses - Paseo:6802
Paseo 6802
Serengeti Sunglasses - Paseo:GG6803
Paseo GG6803
Serengeti Sunglasses - Peak:S6618
Peak S6618
Serengeti Sunglasses - Peregrine:C6512
Peregrine C6512
Serengeti Sunglasses - Pisano:6890
Pisano 6890
Serengeti Sunglasses - Pisano:6891
Pisano 6891
Serengeti Sunglasses - Prato :6789
Prato 6789
Serengeti Sunglasses - Raven:S6676
Raven S6676
Serengeti Sunglasses - Rutgers:S6409
Rutgers S6409
Serengeti Sunglasses - Rutgers:S6410
Rutgers S6410
Serengeti Sunglasses - Stratus Titanium:6845
Stratus Titanium 6845
Serengeti Sunglasses - Summit:5602
Summit 5602
Serengeti Sunglasses - Trek:S6431
Trek S6431
Serengeti Sunglasses - Turro Polarized:6809
Turro Polarized 6809
Serengeti Sunglasses - Turro Polarized:6813
Turro Polarized 6813
Serengeti Nuvola Sunglasses
Serengeti Nuvola
Serengeti Saraceno Sunglasses
Serengeti Saraceno
Serengeti Vedi Sunglasses
Serengeti Vedi
Serengeti Montalone Sunglasses
Serengeti Montalone
Serengeti Nimbus Sunglasses
Serengeti Nimbus
Serengeti Gallo Sunglasses
Serengeti Gallo
Serengeti Pisa Sunglasses
Serengeti Pisa
Serengeti Autobahn Sunglasses
Serengeti Autobahn
Serengeti Cavallin Sunglasses
Serengeti Cavallin
Serengeti Arezzo Sunglasses
Serengeti Arezzo
Serengeti Pisa Polarized Sunglasses
Serengeti Pisa Polarized
Serengeti Arezzo Polarized Sunglasses
Serengeti Arezzo Polarized
Serengeti Arezzo Polarized Sunglasses
Serengeti Arezzo Polarized
Serengeti Vedi Polarized Sunglasses
Serengeti Vedi Polarized
Serengeti Las Ramblas Sunglasses
Serengeti Las Ramblas
Serengeti Prato Polarized Sunglasses
Serengeti Prato Polarized
Serengeti Padova Polarized Sunglasses
Serengeti Padova Polarized
Serengeti Velocity Titanium Sunglasses
Serengeti Velocity Titanium
Serengeti Sunglasses - Via Veneto:6732
Via Veneto 6732

Serengeti Logo

Serengeti sun glasses look good on the road or on the runway.  Style, elegance, sophistication, Serengeti - where style and substance meet.

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