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Maui Jim Sun Glasses - The Best Polarized Sunglasses Anywhere!

The roots of Maui Jim sun glasses begin in the early 1980s, when a small company began selling sunglasses on the beaches of Maui, Hawaii. But the Hawaiian sun's intense glare and harmful ultraviolet rays demanded a better eyewear solution than traditional sunglasses of the day.

Locals and tourists wanted and needed sunglasses that would eliminate glare without distorting the beautiful Hawaiian island colors. Since no other sunglasses on the market could meet this specialized need, the company developed their own.

With an original line of seven sunglass styles and PolarizedPlus technology, Maui Jim sun slasses was born in 1991. In fact, PolarizedPlus was so unique that it was soon patented.

The sunglasses were sold exclusively in Maui, Hawaii until 1994, when Hester Enterprises purchased Maui Jim.

Hester enlisted RLI Vision Corporation of Peoria, Illinois to be the mainland distributor of Maui Jim Sunglasses.

Maui Jim sun glasses' acquisition of RLI Vision in December, 1996 formed Maui Jim Inc., which enabled the phenomenal sales growth of Maui Jim Sunglasses within the premium sunwear business.

So who IS Maui Jim?   The real Maui Jim is actually a sunglass-wearing Macaw mascot named "Jimmy", illustrated in the Maui Jim logo. Born on September 4, 1989, Jimmy lives in Lahaina, Maui, and represents the Hawaiian inspiration in every pair of Maui Jim sun glasses. Jimmy spends his days soaking up the Hawaiian sun, greeting guests, hanging upside down, and chasing dogs around the yard.

Authentic Maui Jim Sun Glasses are renowned for performance. Maui Jim Sunglasses styles combine PolarizedPlus Technology with optically correct, distortion free, hardened glass lenses. Maui Jim Sunglasses frames are fitted with the finest polarized lenses available and have become one of the most popular sunglasses brands in the world.

Maui Jim Riptide Sunglasses

Ordinary polarized lenses simply block reflected glare; but Maui Jim's patented PolarizedPlus multi-layer technology eliminates ALL types of glare for unmatched optical clarity.

All Maui Jim sun glasses are uniquely polarized and ideal for boating, fishing, golf, driving, and more.

Maui Jim sun glasses are available in six collections, available in prescription where noted:  Titanium Sport (Rx); Stainless Steel (Rx); MJ Sport-Polycarbonate; Classic (Rx); Flexon (Rx); and Titanium ST (Super Thin) (Rx).  Each are designed to meet the most demanding needs for vision, comfort, and style. Maui Jim Ahi Sunglasses

Maui Jim polarized sun glasses lens technology eliminates all types of glare for unmatched visual acuity, comfort, protection, and contrast.  Available in neutral gray (highest glare reduction), HCL bronze (high contrast lens), and Maui Rose (sharpest contrast and image resolution).

Maui Jim's frames are made from Marchon Eyewear's amazing Flexon, a bendable "memory" metal that allows them to keep their shape longer than traditional metal frames. The properties of this titanium-nickel alloy makes it 10 times springier than spring steel and 25% lighter than ordinary frames. Flexon memory metal frames instantly snap back to their original shape.

Glare is the cause of sun-induced eye strain. Most manufacturers strive to reduce it to a comfortable level. The challenge to the eyewear industry is that lens designs with higher glare reduction also reduces optical clarity.

So what goes into making  PolarizedPlus2, Maui Jim's latest generation of cutting-edge, industry leading polarized sunglasses technology?

The 32-step process begins with polarized film infused between two optical quality hand-ground silica lenses. The bi-gradient coating of silver dioxide is thermally applied to the front lens, which eliminates glare from above and below. The eight layers of anti-reflect treatment of magnesium hexaflouride are vaporized and vacuumed, which when processed to the back of the lens, allow waterproof coating to shed water and enhance cleaning.

The visible light spectrum consists of three basic colors - red, blue and green. All resulting colors are varying combinations and intensities of these, thus creating every color in the spectrum. PolarizedPlus2 integrates rare earth elements praseodymium, erbium and neodymium directly into the glass lenses to increase the amount and quality of these three basic colors.

In addition, Maui Jim's patented glare solution includes a polarizing filter, bigradient mirror and antireflective treatment. This combination gives the wearer protection along with deep, saturated-color vision and a higher level of contrast and depth perception.

PolarizedPlus2 lenses are available in all of Maui Jim's glass-lens styles, including the Classic, Flexon and Titanium ST collections.  You can choose from lenses that are Neutral Grey for bright sunlight and the highest available glare reduction; HCL (High Contrast Lens) Bronze for glare reduction and added contrast on hazy, overcast, or foggy days. Maui Rose are for the sharpest contrast and image resolution for fast action sports and for that subtle rose hue.

Comfort and durability are ensured, thanks to quality features such as corrosion-resistant spring hinges (vital for use in saltwater), adjustable temples, hand-cut dyed temples and solid colors that prevent flaking, peeling and fading.

All Maui Jim sun glasses provide 100% UV blockage up to 400nm and are blue light and infrared effective, saltwater safe, and meet or exceed drop ball and transmittance standards.

Sunglasses are about seeing and being seen. Each style of Maui Jim Polarized Plus sunglasses provides you with a style, which suits every look, every mood, every activity and every attitude. 

From the slopes of the alpine to the depths of the ocean seas, outdoor enthusiasts demand clear, comfortable, undistorted vision. Whether golfing, skiing, cycling, at the beach or at a formal outdoor event, Maui Jim sun glasses are always the right choice for function and style.

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