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Fishing for Polarized Sunglasses? Sport Sunglasses?

Costa Del Mar Sun Glasses are for You!

Costa Del Mar LogoCosta Del Mar Sun Glasses Island Collection and Performance Collection offer eyewear that functionally and fashionably suit both casual and active lifestyles. Necessity so often being the mother of invention, a group of hard core offshore fishermen and outdoorsmen decided they needed a better pair of sunglasses while out on their fishing boats.
Costa Del Mar Sunglasses - Las Olas:LO.20.CW580

Costa Del Mar Las Olas Sunglasses
Costa Del Mar Sunglasses - TP2:TP.10.CW580
Costa Del Mar Fathom Sunglasses TP2

Polarized sunglasses that eliminated glare and blocked UV light; Sunglasses that were as serious about performance as they were. And in 1983, they did just that, by creating their first sunglasses and the
Costa Del Mar brand.
Costa Del Mar Eliminator Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar Eliminator Sunglasses
Costa Del Mar Sunglasses - MP2:MP.10.CW580

Costa Del Mar MP2 Sunglasses

Today, that same group of entrepreneurs and enthusiasts is still making high-performance, glare-reducing, UV-blocking eyewear for serious water enthusiasts.

Eyewear that stands up to the most punishing conditions the sun, wind, waves, and sand can dish out.

Headquartered in Ormond Beach, Florida, Costa Del Mar  has become the leader in polarized eyewear with more than 30 styles and 16 lens options.
Costa Del Mar Sunglasses - Brine:BR.10.GMG
Costa Del Mar Brine Sunglasses
Costa Del Mar Sunglasses - Deep Blue:DB.11.BMG
Costa Del Mar Deep Blue Sunglasses
Costa Del Mar Sunglasses - Filament:FI.10.AG
Costa Del Mar Filament Sunglasses
Costa Del Mar Sunglasses - Harpoon:HR.10.BMG
Costa Del Mar Harpoon Sunglasses
Costa Del Mar Sunglasses - Java:JA.10.GMG
Costa Del Mar Java Sunglasses

All Costa Del Mar sun glasses are fully polarized, UV protective, and guaranteed for life - ensuring you’ll wear out before they do.

Costa Del Mar polarized sunglasses are known around the world for their unparalleled optical quality and clarity. And Costa Del Mar stands behind their product, offering a worldwide lifetime warranty on every pair of their sunglasses.
Costa Del Mar Sunglasses - Vapor:VA.10.GG

Costa Del Mar Vapor Sun Glasses
Costa Del Mar Grand Catalina Polarized Fishing Sunglasses
Costa Del Mar Grand Catalina Polarized Fishing Sunglasses
Costa Del Mar Sunglasses - Bonefish Bay:BB.21.GG

Costa Del Mar Bonefish Bay Sunglasses
Costa Del Mar Sunglasses - Wave Killer:WK.10.GW580
Costa Del Mar Wave Killer Sunglasses
Costa Del Mar Pescador Sunglasses
Costa Del Mar Sunglasses - Grace:GR.11.BMG

Costa Del Mar Grace Sunglasses

These sunglasses hang with you every step of the way, giving you the performance and comfort you need, especially when performance means the differ
ence between winning and losing.

The Costa Del Mar sun glasses Performance Collection is the competitor's choice, offering unrivaled sports sunglasses lenses and frames for ultra-high performance. The Island Collection serves the casual comfort of enjoying a sunset, dining or clubbing with friends, or making a tropical fashion statement.

Famous for their polarized lens technology, Costa Del Mar's patented WAVE 580 lens provides enhanced color discrimination, sharper contrast, definition and 100% polarization, making them ideal for water sports.

Their proprietary WAVE Technology is so cutting-edge, it holds pending and issued patents. The lens allows the eye to take in more light, raising the red, blue and green areas to extraordinary levels while eliminating more of the yellow light (like no other lens out there), which creates glare. An outstanding choice if you're looking for polarized fishing sunglasses.

LightWAVE is the lightest glass sun lens technology available today. It’s 20% lighter and 22% thinner than the average polarized lens, while still maintaining excellent strength. The WAVE 400 lens is the lens CostaDelMar built their business on. 100% polarization, 100% UV protection. The perfect performance sun lens for anyone who spends their time on or around the water.

It’s the industry’s benchmark of performance. And what the other guys strive to achieve. 

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